2007 DA40 XL Just Listed

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2007 Diamond DA40 XL For Sale

The Diamond DA40 XL brings value, performance and economy to discerning buyers at a fantastic value price point. You will not find a better Diamond DA40 XL on the market. This plane is in EXCELLENT Condition.  You’ll enjoy all the fantastic features the XLS has to offer PLUS: the efficiency of the GAMI injectors,  easy winter operations with the built in engine heater system, powered headset jacks so you can skip the hassles of AA batteries, an extra 7.5A power plugs for cockpit accessories and the piece of mind that only an ACTIVE Traffic system can provide. Simply a perfect configuration!

This is a top condition aircraft pampered by only one owner, always hangared, meticulously maintained and one you’ll be proud to own. The interior is gray premium leather with all the XLS upgrades.water trampoline for sale australia

In addition to its premium interior it has the G1000, Synthetic Vision, SafeTaxi, FliteCharts, XM Weather, GFC700 Digital Autopilot, Active Traffic system and less than 480 hours. This plane is simply the best values you’ll find on the market.

Diamond DA40 XL N905AM Specs and Details

logbook image


Aircraft Technical Logs -Airframe
Aircraft Technical Logs – Installations and Modifications & Mods
Aircraft Technical Logs – Engine
Aircraft Technical Logs – Propeller
Misc Maintenance Log Items
FAA Report on N905AM

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Dominion is now LifeStyle Aviation!



What’s in a name?

We believe a lot. We feel a name is important and can set the tone for many potentials.

We are pleased to announce our new company name and brand as LifeStyle Aviation. Our previous name, Dominion Aircraft Sales has served us well. The Dominion name has its roots in our formation in the mid-Atlantic region as a Diamond Regional Distribution Center.


Dominion Aircraft Sales is now LifeStyle Aviation!

cropped-dominion-logo.png   LifeStyle Aviation Web Logo With Text On White-01

We have grown and expanded our focus and capabilities. As we considered a possible name change we asked ourselves “what are we all about and what do we fundamentally deliver?” This gave us the opportunity to state our vision and purpose for everyone to see in our name.

LifeStyle Aviation is in the business of helping people transform their lives through access to personal modern aviation solutions and aircraft. Through our network of modern training and service centers, our extensive new and used quality modern “LifeStyle Aircraft” inventory, our innovative ownership and access solutions along with our turnkey services for financing, insurance, delivery and training, we help each client enjoy a productive, effortless and effective aviation experience and lifestyle transformation.

So LifeStyle Aviation was the obvious choice for our new company moniker…But there is more! We have developed a unique network approach to aircraft sales and support that creates special facets of our theme. Our popular modern aircraft marketplace listing site is now Our modern aircraft news and blog site that helps people learn about the modern aviation lifestyle and technology is now our industry leading aircraft member access program will continue to expand with the same name. Stay tuned for new enhancements to that program.

We are very exited to bring these new coordinated Marketing sites and themes to work for our network members and affiliates.

Over the next year we have more innovative additions coming that will provide access potential to the aviation lifestyle to even more people.

We hope you like our new brand and approach and  you call on us to help you make your dreams come true.


Diamond Flyers Descend on Washington DC

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group shot of udvar hazy 2

Diamond Flyers from various parts of the East Coast descended on Washington DC recently to enjoy one of our nation’s most prized jewels of the aviation industry… the National Air & Space Museum for a private guided tour.

The Stephen L. Udvar Hazy National Air & Space Museum is located adjacent to the Dulles International Airport and is named  in honor the sizable donation from Mr. Hazy who made his fortune leasing aircraft.

The museum is simply the worlds greatest collection of famous aircraft. Visitors are greeted at the door by the SR71 “Blackbird”, the Concord SST, the Enola Gay B29, the Boeing 707, the space shuttle Discovery and hundreds more from the beginnings of flight to the dreams of space. It is truly remarkable and something that every aviation enthusiast, young person and of course pilot should visit. Dave Passmore, proud owner of the first Diamond DA42-VI to come to America as well as a member of the Dominion Aircraft Sales team was the groups private tour guide. Dave is a docent at the museum and provided a wealth of knowledge and added enjoyment for the group.

Tudvar hazy planeshe Fly-In event was organized by the East Coast Diamond Flight Center Network, a growing group of flight centers that are banded together to create new potentials in modern flight training and access to modern aviation lifestyles and aircraft. The group includes flight training organizations from Boston to North Carolina and is sponsored by Dominion Aircraft Sales the Diamond Regional Distribution Center for the region. American Aviation, based at Manassas VA,  hosted the group as the destination airport Flight Center arranging for their arrivals and transportation.

“Our Flight Center Network is truly remarkable” commented John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales “They are progressive thinking operators that are working together to create a different experience and potential for people coming into aviation. They have committed to using modern aircraft, modern training technics and tools such as our online learning management systems and simulators, and they are committed to helping their clients achieve the potential of the flying lifestyle.”

The group sponsors events to help pilots enjoy the potential of flight and encourage them to venture past their training routine. In fact, one of the participants of the DC Museum event that came from Blue Line Aviation  soloed an aircraft for the first time ever on Friday and on Saturday he flew into the DC Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) for the event  and then did IFR training on the flight home (all with his instructor of course!).  Several of the participants for the Fly-In own leaseback aircraft and several owned 3 Diamonds! Leasebacks are the structure used for students and pilots to own aircraft with leverage tax advantage structure with the flight school leasing the aircraft for the owner to provide them a unique economic potential.  The Flight Center Network represents excellent opportunities for acquiring and lgroup shot of udvar hazy clubeasing aircraft.  Mr. Hazy figured it out and the Diamond network helps people learn about the economic advantages of leaseback opportunities for personal aircraft.

A new flying Club, The Cape Fear Flyers from Wilmington NC, was represented and Blue Line Aviation of Raleigh NC had three of their Diamonds fly in for the event.

“As a group we are the gateway for people to access their dreams of flight. We want to help them achieve their goals and this involves providing effective training and modern equipment but also methods for them to acquire aircraft or gain access to them for their flying dreams. Our Leaseback and DiamondShare programs are powerful tools to help people achieve their dreams.” continued Armstrong.

The flight training organizations that are part of the growing and special Diamond Flight Center Development program are:

American Aviation – Manassas VA

SML Aviation – Roanoke and Lynchburg VA

Blue Line Aviation – Raleigh and Johnson County NC

Alpha One – Salisbury and Concord NC

Cargill Aeronautical Academy – Harrisburg PA

Dillon’s Aviation – Greenville NC

Don Davis Aviation –  Henderson KY

Epix Aviation – Chesapeake and Newport News VA

Freeflight Aviation – Medford NJ

Nexgen Aviation – Lexington KY

Noble Airventures – Stow MA

Image Aviation – Oxford CT

Enjoy more photos of the fly-in event.

Dominion Aircraft Sales is the Regional Diamond Distribution Center (DRDC) for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast of the US that created and sponsors the Diamond Flight Center Development Program, the DiamondShare Program and the Network. Through its flight centers, partners and affiliates they provide an extensive and productive network for the sale of aircraft, training, brokerage services and membership access to aircraft. For more information or to gain access to the services of our member flight training organizations contact the company at 406-FLY-1NOW / 406-359-1669.




DA40 XLT Promotion Offers “First Year Free”

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DA40 XLT stripes


Special Edition DA40 XLT combined with unprecedented incentives and DiamondShare leverage for one lucky buyer…Priceless!

To draw attention to the new enhancements of the latest Diamond DA40 XLT model ( and to highlight the economic leverage of the DiamondShare ( program, Dominion Aircraft Sales today announced that their next XLT off the line is a “Special Edition” with an unprecedented feature set and a “Fly First Year Free” promotional package that pays for virtually all first year expenses of ownership.

The “Special Edition” created by Dominion includes features and advantages not previously offered like LED lights and even includes an Apple iPad Mini with wireless ADS-B. The XLT package is the pinnacle of style and comfort with its wider seats, Rosen Visors and Infrared Control Technology Leather and the XLT Promotional Package developed for one unit (and only one unit) pays for virtually all the first year expenses including: delivery, maintenance, data subscriptions, insurance, training and first year fuel rebate to name a few of the items. But as they say on the infomercials…But Wait There’s More! On top of all that there is a very generous incentive rebate also included. The lucky buyer of the plane will also be able to select their custom stripe scheme and colors if they purchase by July 1st 2014.

When combined with the economic leverage of ownership through the DiamondShare program the “Fly First Year Free” is impressive and includes additional DiamondShare specific extras. The promotion is being made available only through Dominion’s east coast Flight Center Network and also through the DiamondShare program so geographic and other restrictions apply.

“This is a bit of an attention grabbing stunt” admits John Armstrong, President of Dominion Aircraft Sales, the mid-Atlantic and Northeast Diamond Regional Distributor (DRDC) that created the program. “We wanted to draw attention to the unique qualities of the XLT model and the powerful economic leverage of the DiamondShare program. We could think of no better way than a super compelling Fly First Year Free offer available for only one lucky buyer.”

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Selecting a prop for your DA40


selecting your prop for da40

In helping our clients determine the best model DA40 to fit there needs we focus on many elements. The prop selection is one of the elements that we discuss and there are numerous things to know.

We’ve developed a comparison chart and can guide prospective owners through what they should know about these choices. If you are considering a DA40 make sure you call 406-FLY-1NOW to consult with one of our counselors. We’ll explain the choices and share the chart including all the details with you.Fantasi Oppblåsbar Water Park


Flight Center Development Council Continues Market Expansion



Manassas, VA (March 4th, 2014) – An exclusive group of flight training school owners from multiple states along the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic region met recently as Diamond Flight Center Development Council members to plan their further growth and market expansion. The group focused on their unique growth strategies, flight center best practices and utilization of innovative Diamond programs such as DiamondShare and Lease & Learn. The group also explored modern training tools to offer their students, exchanged information about business operations and recognized outstanding achievements in flight center development among their group.

Marking the second annual meeting of the Diamond Flight Center Development Council, John Armstrong, President of the Diamond Regional Distribution Center (DRDC), Dominion Aircraft Sales, applauded the group’s progress and their contributions to support each other’s growth.  “Though the market continues to be challenging, this group has much to celebrate.  Flight centers in our group opened new locations, added maintenance capabilities and expanded their fleets in the last year,” stated Armstrong. “The concept we envisioned of flight center owners working together to increase the potential of the entire group is having visible results and is highly valued by the participants.”

The Diamond Flight Center Development Council has grown to double digits and includes Flight Centers from over a half dozen states. The group is led and facilitated by Dominion Aircraft Sales, the Diamond Regional Distribution Center for the East Coast / Mid-Atlantic Region. What makes the Development Council unique is flight centers can join before they qualify as a full Diamond Flight Center and the group creates an environment of support to help them grow and meet their goals. Other participants that have been successful share their encouragement for those that are beginning the new direction to modernize their fleets and training methods.


Ann and Kevin Rychlik and their entire team at American Aviation and American Helicopters at Manassas Airport served as the council meeting hosts.  American Aviation provided the participants with a tour of their fixed wing and helicopter operations and provided the group logistics and first class meeting accommodations at their corporate offices near the Manassas airport. “We enjoyed the opportunity to share with the group what’s worked for us and hear what’s working for them,” stated Ann Rychlik, President of American Aviation. “The process is something we really enjoy and believe in.”

“American Aviation was so generous in their sharing with the group. They were a perfect host for this event since they started only about six years ago with no fixed wing operations and have grown consistently to be one of the most extensive Diamond Flight Centers in the region,” added Armstrong. “They were a clear inspiration for our other members.”

Brant Howell of SML Aviation in Roanoke, Virginia with his strategic partner Danny Kane of Kane Aviation in Salem, Virginia was recognized with a Top 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award. In their second year of participation, they enhanced their existing Diamond fleet by adding a DA42, and two DA40s plus adding a service shop in Roanoke. They expanded from their main location in Roanoke to add a second flight training location at Lynchburg, VA. “With their modern Diamond fleet coupled with their advanced motion flight simulators and top-notch CFIs and service, Brant and Danny are leading the way to provide the very best results and learning experience in flight training today,” said Armstrong.


“Our decision to move into the 21st century with modern aviation technology for training aircraft, methods and tools along with changing over our entire fleet to Diamonds was a bit scary, but it has paid off!  We also opened another flight school location in Lynchburg and having the Diamonds there has been a huge advantage for us. The customers love the planes, business is booming in both locations and we have been growing beyond our expectations,” said Brant Howell, owner of SML Aviation.

Council members from Blue Line Aviation LLC of Raleigh NC, Trey and Kelsey Walters along with Ray Walters, were recognized with a 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award for their work and dedication to develop as a Diamond Flight Center.  Blue Line started in late 2012 and dedicated themselves to offering modern flight training in a fun community atmosphere. Their clients quickly came to love the Diamond DA20 and DA40 aircraft and Blue Line has grown rapidly even expanding to a second location in their first full year of operation.


The group also recognized Glenn Lawler of SouthTec Aviation and Stuart Dillon of Dillon’s Aviation for their Dedication and Exceptional Support.  “Building successful flight training operations requires rapid access to technical expertise in the field and these two gentlemen consistently go beyond the call of normal duty to help our members succeed. For their service the team is very grateful,” Armstrong stated.


Diamond Flight Centers (DFCs) and aspiring centers in the Diamond Development program are an exclusive group of schools committed to providing high-quality flight training using Diamond aircraft and modern flight training methods. DFCs meet demanding standards and have access to advanced online training tools to make the experience of learning to fly efficient and effective in modern safe aircraft.

“The proven DFC Development process supports flight training operations that want to move in the direction of 21st century aircraft. The program focuses first on helping the school set its goals and then support the execution of their conversion plan,” says Armstrong. “It’s working very well and the schools are excited about their transformation and growth.”


As part of their strategic plan to continue to lead the way in modern flight training, the group is continuing to seek out flight schools that wish to be part of a progressive growing network. Selected flight training partners are organizations who are committed to providing their customers with a high-quality learning experience in safe modern aircraft. The members align themselves to offer access to Diamond Aircraft.  “Providing flight training in Diamond aircraft represents a significant profit potential for the flight centers because Diamonds have the best safety record, fuel economy and total cost of ownership among training aircraft today,” remarked Armstrong.  “Also, since the Diamond line includes a full range from profitable DA20 primary trainers to high tech turbo diesel DA42 twins, it’s easy for customers to transition to more complex aircraft, and enjoy a seamless training experience to whatever level they aspire.”


DFC Council members in attendance included:

Randy Fleming – AlphaOne Air Service; Salisbury, NC

Frank Hicinbothem – Freeflight Aviation; Medford, NJ

Brant Howell – SML Aviation; Lynchburg, VA and Roanoke, VA

Danny Kane – Kane Aviation; Salem, VA

Glen Lawler – SouthTec Aviation; Salisbury, NC

David Noble and Bob Bickford – Noble AirVentures; Stow, MA

Teen Rawls – Dillon’s Aviation; Greenville, NC

Kevin and Ann Rychlik – American Aviation and American Helicopters; Manassas, VA

Trey and Kelsey Walters, and Ray Walters – Blue Line Aviation; Raleigh, NC


DRDC Diamond Logo 300




Dominion Aircraft Sales is the Diamond Regional Distribution Center (DRDC) for the Mid-Atlantic and North East region. Dominion works in concert with Premier Aircraft Sales, the DRDC in the Southeast, to offer comprehensive services for the entire East Coast including extensive pooled inventory of new and used aircraft accessible through the networks exclusive site.




Diamond DA42-VI flying the Austrian Alps

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Don’t miss the chance to acquire your dream plane and enjoy amazing 2013 tax savings


Many pilots don’t know this little secret…

The majority of rental aircraft they fly at their local flight schools are actually owned by pilot investors who placed the plane on “leaseback” with the school as an investment and potential tax savings strategy.

What is a Leaseback?

A leaseback is a common practice in the flight training business whereby an independent investor, typically a pilot or student pilot, acquires an aircraft and provides that aircraft for rental through their local flight school who acts as a marketing partner. This business arrangement has many advantages, some disadvantages and numerous things to know about regarding setup, tax savings, compliance and how to move to the next aircraft when the time comes. With all things considered it can be an ideal way for pilots that want to obtain all their ratings and do lots of flying with a very economically advantaged approach. Its not for everyone but if you have not explored the potential and you are considering or dreaming of aircraft ownership, you are trying to find a way to build lots of time, or you could really use some potential tax relief, this approach may be for you.

Why do pilots do this?

There are some very simple motivations that support the industry system of leasebacks for flight schools.

1.)  The pilot plans to do a lot of training or flying and they are motivated to reduce their cost of access to a plane.

2.) The pilot discovers the unique tax advantages of leasebacks and is motivated by the opportunity to reduce their taxable income while obtaining their aircraft while having others pay for it. This potential is extremely significant in many cases, especially in 2013.

3.) Often times they want to have access to a plane that is not available for rent in the local area. For example lets say the pilot is getting involved with aviation and has already decided he wants to fly a modern glass panel aircraft but there are not any at his local flight school. He buys one and leases it back thus getting the plane he Read the rest of this entry »


Plane & Pilot Review of Diamond DA42-VI


This excellent review of the new high performance version of Diamond’s jet fuel burning twin, the Diamond DA42-VI (aka the Version 6), was recently posted by Bill Cox of Plane&Pilot. Bill’s extensive experience provides a valuable perspective on this fully refined high tech twin. We hope you enjoy the read. Read the full article.


AOPA News: DiamondShare offers new take on sharing an airplane at Sun ‘n Fun

FlyDominionDiamond DA40, Featured Aircraft, News

Three Diamond Aircraft devised have devised a program that may put a brand-new, four-seat aircraft within reach of many pilots who, for now, can only dream of owning a 2013 DA40 XLT (or XLS).

DiamondShares has been quietly working for about five years to refine Diamond dealer John Armstrong’s ownership-membership concept into a turn-key package that eases the burden of buying a $420,000 machine, by sharing ownership costs but not the equity.

“The difference between members and equity is night and day,” Armstrong said
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