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John Armstrong

President & Managing Director
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  • Over 25 years experience in sales, marketing and sales training
  • Multi-engine, Commercial, Instrument rated pilot with 1500+ hours TT
  • Instrumental in the formation of Dominion Aircraft Sales
  • Provided marketing and promotional services for North Carolina’s Wright Brothers Centennial of Flight celebration in 2003
  • Long time member of AOPA and EAA
  • Co-Founder, Board Member and past President of Bahamas Habitat an international mission flying charity organization
  • Top Selling Distributor for Diamond Aircraft

My adventures in aviation began as a teenager flying a J-3 Cub off a grass strip. That was over 25 years ago and my passion for flying is stronger than ever. Today, as a member of the Dominion Aircraft Sales team, I am blessed with the privilege of helping people like you achieve their personal aviation dreams and goals. Dominion represents the largest selection of the fastest, safest, most modern aircraft in the industry. Plus, we offer an extensive inventory of late model, pre-owned aircraft. Whether it’s new or pre-owned, I will help you determine the best airplane for your needs and then put you in the left seat to experience it for yourself.


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John Armstrong

John Armstrong


I hope you are enjoying your vacation! I wanted to drop you a line regarding my take on my experience with the Dominion Aircraft sales process. Please feel free to use out-takes in any way you see fit.

Truth be told, I have no experience really with Dominion Aircraft… except through John Armstrong, the Regional Manager for Virginia.

My partner and I were given John’s name by a local Diamond Flight Center.

We were in the same situation that many folks find themselves in when they are deciding to buy an airplane. There were choices that seemed “obvious” but there were many things that seemed “equal” and it was almost impossible to determine which  direction to go in. So, we started with the classic first step of defining the mission.

My partner and I rapidly decided that we each had potential business use for an airplane and that the airplane would most often have two people and light luggage or 3-4 people and no luggage. Longer flights would be in the 600nm range but the majority of flights, would be from 100 – 400nm in range. Both of us being business owners, and multi-decade entrepreneurs, we also tend to always look at any investment of this magnitude as a business opportunity, in and of itself.

There were a few other things that came into play. We wanted an aircraft that was going to be economical to operate and reliable, so that maintenance would be minimal. We figured we needed something with a range of about 700nm and capable of covering that distance in about 4 hrs. And we wanted it to be safe and fun to fly. Something that would be forgiving yet exhilarating at the same time.

With this information we rapidly boiled it down to Cirrus. And we felt in good company! We figured our budgets could handle something used for perhaps $250K and we would be happy in the embrace of the same decision so many other pilots had made when looking for a first airplane. But then we started peeling back the layers of the decision matrix and trying to verify the the things we thought we knew. As we did this, a company called Diamond kept showing up in comparisons.

We both are very familiar with the Cessna 172, and we had both had demos in the Cirrus SR models and were impressed by them.

Then, for completeness, we decided to go fly a Diamond DA-40. In many ways we figured this would be our last step in the due diligence process of deciding between a used SR20 and SR22.

What a surprise. The DA-40 was a complete blast to fly, just plain old fun, with a very responsive center stick that really allowed you to “feel” the airplane, and through which a slight flick of the wrist produced natural and immediate changes that almost made you think that the airplane already knew what you wanted it to do. The flight went so well that we starting really digging into the numbers, and to make a long story short, we just took delivery of a NEW, DA-40 XLS with Synthetic Vision and put it in a leaseback program that is stirring quite a buzz at our FBO!

But this is only half the story. The other half starts when we were referred by the local Diamond Flight Center to the Regional Manager for Diamond sales in Virginia, one Mr. John Armstrong.

John made the entire process of education and decision making a real pleasure. We always felt that at each point we were making informed “best choices” for our particular needs and circumstances.

Simply put, John was responsive from day one. He met with my partner and I almost immediately for a much more thorough demo ride, including steep turns and stalls, and introduced us to “highways in the sky” which had me flying my first GPS WAAS approach with the needles centered, the very first time, and I am only  a newly minted Private Pilot who has yet to start IFR training!

John then set about informing us. He provided information about the G1000 and encouraged us to evaluate the other integrated avionics options that were out there, He also provided links to independent sources of information about the cost to operate the aircraft, the reliability of the systems and power plant, and of course safety. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, John listened to our individual circumstances and made introductions with tax advisors and planners that ultimately proved to us that we could buy a brand new airplane and actually save money through the tax incentives that are currently available!

John was always organized, in communication, informative, responsive and low key. His stated goals are to make people’s aviation dreams come true, and he seems to know deep within himself that “just” selling airplanes in not the way to do that. The way to do it is to match up people’s needs, plans and resources with airplane options while educating people about all aspects of aviation so that they can make informed decisions.

In the end… John could have sold us just about any airplane we may have wanted, new or used, but after the process was over, we decided that we not only wanted, but would be best suited with a brand spanking new DA-40 XLS!

The airplane goes on the flight line for advanced training and general rental this week. And the buzz is such that we are already wondering if what we really should do… is buy another one!!

Best regards,

Matt Webb
RoMack, Inc.



I wanted to get back to you and thank you for your efforts in making my dream of owning my own aircraft a reality. Like some other clients of yours I was also getting ready to buy a Cirrus and decided to take a flight in a DA-40 just to be sure I was making the right choice. What an eye opener. The DA-40 was impressive from the first glance to the final touchdown. (and every flight since). What a pleasure to fly. It’s responsiveness and great visibility is noticeable immediately and everyone who rides or pilots this aircraft has nothing but great things to say. Your help in making this transaction happen was also a pleasure. The process was very straightforward and effortless.

Being on opposite ends of the east coast I did make the decision to purchase the aircraft site unseen and trusted your judgement regarding the condition of the plane (both structurally and mechanically). You did not disappoint. Everything was just as you described. Taking an interest in seeing it delivered right to my door (at the airport of course) and wanting to be there in person to answer any questions I might have was equally impressive. Letting me test fly your aircraft to get an idea of what the synthetic vision could do was also a lot of fun and I hope to add it to my aircraft some day. Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to my next Diamond purchase when I’m ready to move up. (although I am having a lot of fun flying the DA-40)

Thanks again for your help.

Dan Sack

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